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4 unexpected ways music can be bad for you 3/7/2021

As the old saying goes, music has charms that soothe a savage breast. Anyway, even something as marvelous as music can be harmful to us sometimes... Here are four ways in which music can harm more than it helps.

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#Science #music #health

5 common types of smartphone/computer injuries – learn how to avoid them 3/6/2021

Overuse of the devices we love so much sometimes can lead to health damages. Here are 5 common computer/smartphone injuries and how to avoid them.

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#Society #health

Photos that bring out the enchanting beauty of snow 3/5/2021

Is there a better way to say goodbye to winter than to appreciate its glory for the last time? Although this season can be cold and harsh, it's still wonderful and atmospheric in many ways, mostly thanks to snow. Here are some photos that express its enchanting beauty.

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#photography #Nature

10 new hilarious riddles to test your smarts 3/4/2021

Is it possible to train your brain and have a good laugh at the same time? Actually that's what we're doing here on QuizzClub! Take a look at a new portion of riddles we've gathered for you – we bet the answers will definitely make you smile!

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#funny #knowledge

6 plastic items you didn't know you could replace to help our planet 3/3/2021

There are more pieces of plastic in our oceans than there are stars in our galaxy! If we don’t start changing some of our habits we will soon drown our planet in plastic. Here are 6 plastic items you can replace today.

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#Science #Society #Nature

Amazing photos taken at the most perfect moments 3/2/2021

Timing is everything in photography. Some amazing photos have been taken without any form of planning – the people who took these pics just happened to be at the right spot at the right time. Let's take a look at such photographs.

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#funny #photography

6 animals whose beautiful hair left us in awe 3/1/2021

Hair is considered to be the most beautiful part of any living thing. The animals listed below prove this very fact with their magnificent, long hair. Keep scrolling as we have something absolutely stunning to show you.

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#animals #Nature

6 reasons why everyday objects are shaped the way they are 2/28/2021

Have you ever wondered why a particular thing or item is made in a particular shape? Or why the shapes of these things hardly ever change? Here are explanations behind the shapes used for common things that we never knew.

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#Culture #Society #knowledge

10 vanishing animal species that future generations might never see 2/27/2021

The topic of extinction of endangered species of animals is one that is not given enough focus on. This is a direct topic that everyone of us should get involved in either actively or by simply being informed about it. Listed below are animals that may become extinct very soon.

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#animals #Nature

11 confusing photos you'd better look twice at 2/26/2021

Have you ever had to really look at a photo a second time to actually get it? Photos like that are known as photographic illusions, as they take a few seconds for our brains to fully process. Get ready to be mind blown after going through these 11 confusing photos.

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#Society #funny #photography

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