The well known and very prominent celebrity who said, "Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music" was Ronald Reagan. This particular line is from Ronald Reagan's high school yearbook. He added the line to highlight his poem, 'Life' (1928) which was printed in the yearbook.

We know a variety of things about Ronald Reagan. We know how he became a sports broadcaster after a colorful audition, how he acted in over 50 films, how he led the Screen Actors Guild through perilous times, how he could recall and recount funny stories, and how his leadership both as Governor of California and as President of the United States will never be forgotten.

Nevertheless, only a few people know, Ronald Reagan loved poetry and wrote it.

The depth of President Reagan's talent as a human being never ceases to amaze us. We were moved by his speeches, inspired by his addresses from the Oval Office, touched by his nimble wit, and loved his playful heart. We were greatly entertained by his 'doodles' and enchanted by the dear missives he penned to his beloved wife, Nancy. Yet, in another lyrical form of expression, he wrote poetry and enjoyed reading the works of famed poets. His poem 'Life' (which he did at the age of 17) is a good example of his skill as a clever poet.

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