Glögg is an essential part of the lead up to Christmas in Sweden with glögg parties are held throughout Advent. Many Swedes attend two or three glögg parties every weekend in December.

Glögg is the Swedish version of mulled wine, but it is not quite the same as mulled wine in other countries as different spices are used and almonds and raisins are always placed in the bottom of the glass before the glögg is added.

The spices were originally added to wine in Sweden to mask the taste as it was of rather dubious quality. The quality of the wine is no longer an issue, but glögg is so firmly established as an essential part of Swedish culture that the spices are now added to perfectly good wine!

Glögg is usually served in quite small glasses in Sweden, partly because many Swedes are often staggering from one glögg party to another! Outside of Sweden glögg parties are less common, so invite your neighbours and make the portions more generous!

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