The standard wine bottle contains 750 ml (1.3 pints) of liquid, which equates to approximately 6 glasses of wine. A Nebuchadnezzar bottle contains 15 litres (26 pints) of wine, which is the same as 20 standard bottles.

Many large wine bottle sizes are named after Biblical characters. The Nebuchadnezzar bottle is named after the king of Babylon and ruled between 605 and 562 BC. During his reign, he conquered Jerusalem several times and captured the Israelites. By using the Israelites as slaves, he built up the city of Babylon to make it one of the most magnificent cities in the world at that time.

Other wine bottles namef after Biblical characters include Jeroboam (4 standard bottles), Rehoboam (6), Methuselah (8), Salmanazar (12), Balthazar (16), Solomon (24) and Melchizedec (40).

The Melchizedec has been used since 2002, but there are several larger bottles. In 2008, the record for the largest bottle was set by the Five Virtues, which holds 387.66 standard bottles. The record was later beaten by a Swiss Restaurant that made one capable of holding 640 standard bottles, however, only one such bottle exists.

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