Rocket Larkspur (Consolida ajacis) is an herbaceous perennial with a rigidly upright and towering form. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other garden plants with less refined foliage.

Rocket Larkspur features bold spikes of blue flowers with rose overtones and white eyes rising above the foliage from early to late summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its deeply cut lobed leaves remain dark green in color throughout the season. The fruit is not ornamentally significant.

It will grow to be about 24 inches (60.96 cm) tall at maturity extending to 3 feet (91.44 cm) tall with the flowers, with a spread of 12 inches (30.48 cm). When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm) apart. The flower stalks can be weak and so it may require staking in exposed sites or excessively rich soils. It grows at a medium rate, and tends to be biennial, meaning that it puts on vegetative growth the first year, flowers the second, and then dies.

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