According to WHO, the country with the lowest life expectancy for a child born in 2015 is Chad. A child born in 2015 could expect to live 49.8 years.

Conditions are slightly better in Nigeria and a newborn could expect to live 53.0 years.

Even though Haiti is very poor country, the newborn in Haiti this year could expect to live 63.5 years.

We think of Mongolia as a very inhospitable place to live. But a newborn in Mongolia this year could expect to live 69.3 years. This is just 10 years less than the 79.7 years in the United States.

However, many factors play into how long any one person lives. Some factors are: Health care, life styles, quality and quantity of food available, education, occupation and many other things.

Can we determine or predict how long any one person will live in any one country? NO but we can have a positive impact on our health and longevity by daily decisions that we make.