A woman-like robot is called a "gynoid", from Greek 'gynos', "woman" and '-oides', "alike". It is the feminine counterpart for an "android" (Greek 'andros', "male human being" and '-oides'). A human-like robot in general is an "anthropoid" (Greek 'anthropos', "human being").

Gynoids are rarer in the robotics than androids, but many people prefer rather to encounter a robot presenting as a woman rather than as a man, especially in customer service or health care. Gynoids are also encountered as sex robots.

Critics have commented on the problematic nature of assigning a gender to an artificial object with no consciousness of its own, based purely on its appearance or sound. Critics have also noticed how the creation of gynoids is associated with service roles, while androids or systems with male voices are employed in positions of leadership.

The picture is from 1927 Fritz Lang sci-fi film "Metropolis", in which the mad scientist Rotwang designs himself a robotic wife.

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