Tornio Golf Club/Meri-Lapin Golf Course is an 18 hole course located on the border of northern Finland and Sweden, founded in 1987. The course straddles two countries, Finland and Sweden (7 holes in Finland, 11 in Sweden). It lies on the delta of the River Torne which marks the border between Sweden and Finland separating neighbouring towns of Tornio (Finland) and Haparanda (Sweden).

The original settlement was Tornio. It was in Finland but was largely settled by Swedish speaking merchants. When Sweden ceded Finland to Russia in 1809, many of the Swedish merchants returned to Sweden and created the new town of Haparanda. The two towns promote themselves as a single, border-spanning economic zone. The golf course symbolizes the borderless ambitions of the two towns.

Due to the 1 hour time difference between Sweden and Finland, golfers can arguably hit the longest hole-in-one in the world on the par 3, 6th hole. A well-struck ball in Sweden would land on the green in Finland approximately one hour and a few seconds later, due to the time/borderline lying adjacent to the 6th green. This makes it the longest time-taking par 3 in the world. During the midsummer, golfers are able to try for this feat 24 hours per day as playing around the clock is possible under the "Midnight Sun".

The 3 incorrect answers describe golf courses - the one set on ice - in Greenland, the one crossed by trains - in Sri Lanka and the grassless one with black greens is in Australia.

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