Overwhelmingly creative, writer/artist/director Nigel Tomm releases the ninth volume of his novel 'The Blah Story.' Nine volumes of 'The Blah Story' contain 3,277,153 words; 16,220,507 characters (with spaces); 6580 pages. It is the longest novel published in English literature/language.

In his most exclusive novel 'The Blah Story,' Nigel Tomm demolishes the barrier of words and meaning, giving vitality and expressive strength to the pattern of the text. It is a new way of conceiving text that frees the imagination, allowing you to personalize each and every word by your own creativity.

'The Blah Story' will probably go down in history as Nigel Tomm's masterpiece. And deservedly so. In 'The Blah Story' Nigel Tomm introduces literary phase-shifting, i.e., allowing nearly identical phrases at slightly differing lengths to repeat and slowly go out of phase with each other.

'The Blah Story', Volume 4' contains the world's longest sentence in English (469,375 words or 2,273,551 characters with spaces; 732 pages).

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