"You Suffer" is a song by British grindcore band "Napalm Death, from their debut album, "Scum" (1987). It is precisely 1.316 seconds long.

The song was written by Nicholas Bullen, Justin Broadrick, and Mick Harris during the March 1986 demo sessions for "From Enslavement to Obliteration".

Nicholas Bullen, writer of the song's four-word lyrics, said that the brevity of "You Suffer" was inspired by Wehrmacht's 1985 song "E!". The song has since been recognized by Guinness World Records as the shortest ever recorded. "You Suffer" would become an influence on the "noisecore" micro-genre, inspiring many bands such as Sore Throat, 7 Minutes of Nausea, Deche-Charge and others to release full-length recordings of exclusively "microsong" content.

Swedish metal band Opeth has covered the song live. In 2018, "You Suffer" was featured in the HBO television series "Silicon Valley" in the episode "Chief Operating Officer".The character Gilfoyle uses the song as a notification for Bitcoin price fluctuations, when the price drops below a certain threshold.

Zak Smith quotes the lyrics to the song, which he describes as the "shortest punk song on the subject of suffering (or any subject)" at the conclusion of his memoir, "We Did Porn".

The official four-word lyrics to the song are: "You suffer, but why?".

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