The Rungrado May Day Stadium is the largest stadium in the world. Its official crowd capacity is 150,000, though it is thought that the actual capacity of the venue is closer to 114,000, which still makes it the world’s biggest stadium by capacity. The stadium is shaped like a parachute, though it was intended to resemble a magnolia flower. It is designed to host numerous types of sporting events, including football (soccer) matches involving North Korea’s national team. More often than not, however, the stadium is used to host military parades. In 1995, the stadium posted a world attendance record of 190,000 during a wrestling event at the facility.

The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium occupying an area of 20.7 hectares (51 acres) on Rungra Island, Pyongyang, North Korea. The stadium's scalloped roof features 16 arches arranged in a ring, and resembles a magnolia blossom. It hosts events on a main pitch covering 22,500 m2 (242,000 sq ft). Its total floor space is over 207,000 m2 (2,230,000 sq ft) across eight stories, and the lobes of its roof peak at more than 60 m (200 ft) above the ground.

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