Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher (16 December 1742 – 12 September 1819) was a Prussian Generalfeldmarschall (field marshal). He earned his greatest recognition after leading his army against Napoleon I at the 'Battle of the Nations' at Leipzig in 1813 and 'the Battle of Waterloo' in 1815.

Blücher was born in Rostock, the son of a retired army captain. His military career began in 1758 as a hussar in the Swedish Army. He was captured by the Prussians in 1760 during the Pomeranian Campaign and thereafter joined the Prussian Army, serving as a hussar officer for Prussia during the remainder of the 'Seven Years' War'.

When War broke out between Prussia and France in 1813 when Blücher returned to active service at the age of 71. Blücher commanded the Prussian Army of Silesia at the 'Battle of the Nations' where Napoleon was decisively defeated. For his role, Blücher was made a field marshal and received his title of Prince of Wahlstatt.

After Napoleon’s return in 1815, Blücher took command of the Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine and coordinated his force with that of the British and Allied forces under the Duke of Wellington. At the 'Battle of Ligny', he was severely injured and the Prussians retreated. After recovering, Blücher resumed command and joined Wellington at the 'Battle of Waterloo, with the intervention of Blücher's army playing a decisive role in the final allied victory.

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