"One of These Nights" is the 4th studio album by the Eagles, released in 1975. In July of that year, the record became the Eagles' first No. 1 album on Billboard Hot Albums chart, yielding 3 Top 10 singles: "One of These Nights", "Lyin' Eyes", and "Take It to the Limit".

"One of These Nights" was written by Don Henley and Glenn Frey. It was the title track to the album and became the second single to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the Eagles after "Best of My Love". It helped propel the album to No. 1. The single version was shortened from the album version, removing most of the song's intro and most of its fade-out. Henley is lead vocalist on the verses, while Randy Meisner sings high harmony on the refrain. The song features a guitar solo by Don Felder that is "composed of blues-based licks and sustained string bends using an unusually meaty distortion tone".

Bob Seger wrote "Night Moves" (1976), "Against the Wind" (1980), and "Like a Rock" (1986). Seger told fans, "I wrote "Night Moves" as a coming of age tale about adolescent love and adult memory of it." It is based on a teenage love affair he had in the early 1960s. With "Against the Wind", Seger refers to an earlier love affair that he remembers and is reflecting upon. He wants to keep his sanity and integrity as he now grows older. Regarding "Like a Rock", this song "was inspired partly by the end of a long (11 year) relationship". His love was reliable, calm, and stayed as solid as a rock in a crisis.

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