Edgar Froese founded Tangerine Dream in 1967. Their debut album, "Electronic Meditation" was released in 1970. The first "classic" lineup of Froese, Chris Franke, and Peter Baumann achieved chart success in the mid-1970s with the albums "Phaedra" and "Rubycon".

In the 1980s, they became very well known for their movie soundtracks, scoring such films as "Thief", "Risky Business", "Firestarter", "Near Dark", "Miracle Mile", and many others.

Froese's son Jerome joined the band in 1990 before leaving to pursue a solo career in 2006.

Since Froese's death in January 2015, Tangerine Dream continues to record and perform under the leadership of Thorsten Quaeschning, who joined in 2005. The other current members are Hoshiko Yamane and Ulrich Schnauss, both of whom joined in 2014.

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