Francesco Totti (born 27 September 1976) is an Italian former professional footballer who played solely for Roma and the Italy national team primarily as an attacking midfielder or second striker, but could also play as a lone striker or winger. He is often referred to as "Er Bimbo de Oro" (The Golden Boy), "L'Ottavo Re di Roma" (The Eighth King of Rome), "Er Pupone" (The Big Baby), "Il Capitano" (The Captain), and "Il Gladiatore" (The Gladiator) by the Italian sports media. A creative offensive playmaker renowned for his vision, technique, and goalscoring ability, Totti is considered to be one of the greatest Italian players of all time and Roma's greatest player ever.

In 2009, Totti helped launch a new campaign promoting "Football Adopting Abandoned Children", which came about in collaboration with the "Friends of Children" and the "Association of Italian Players". In the project, he adopted a team of around 11 young Kenyans to play football in Nairobi, and then to coach them along the way.

Totti recorded a video message for a comatose hospital patient who awoke from her coma when his voice was played.

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