"Lady Windermere's Fan" (1892) was not written by George Bernard Shaw. "Lady Windermere’s Fan" was Oscar Wilde’s first hit play. "Lady Windermere’s Fan" is a hectic upper-class comedy, in which the tangled complexities of the plot are matched only by Wilde’s clever and witty dialogue.

The play is one relating an enjoyably unlikely story of a wife who suspects her husband of having an affair. The ‘other woman’ when she is unmasked is the wife's own mother. This play is also a drama that was a hit on the London West End stage and made Wilde rich. It turned out that there was more to "Lady Windermere’s Fan" than mere entertainment. It was created as a subtle social satire, particularly pointed out the hypocrisy of Victorian attitudes to women and sex. Its meticulous construction and deft balance between comedy and seriousness directly point the way towards Wilde’s thinking about people and their behavior within his very structured society.

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