The length of the American cockroach’s life is dependent upon environment, diet and other conditions. Favorable conditions lead to rapid population growth, while unfavorable conditions cause adult cockroaches to develop more slowly or to die prematurely.

Cockroaches are unique creatures! Their endurance is fantastic. There are some interesting facts about them:

  • Cockroaches are the witnesses of dinosaurs. They appeared on Earth nearly at the same time with the giant lizards, or even earlier!
  • An ordinary cockroach can easily survive for a month without food and for two weeks without water!
  • Some female cockroaches mate once and stay pregnant for the rest of their lives!
  • Off with a cockroach's head? They don't care, at least for seven days: a cockroach may live for a week without his head!
  • Cockroaches may hold their breath for forty minutes!
  • Cockroaches can run up to 3 miles an hour.

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