The city of Venice is the capital and administrative center of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. It consists of 118 small islands linked by 403 bridges including the “Giudecca” (Jewish quarter).

Located in a shallow lagoon between the Po and the Piave rivers, the old town of Venice is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Some of the most famous bridges are 1) "Ponte dei sospiri" (Bridge of Sights) - this footbridge connects the Doge's Palace with the prisons. 2) "Ponte di Rialto" (Rialto Bridge)- it is the main pedestrian crossing over the Grand Canal. 3) "Ponte dell' Accademia" - (The Academy Bridge) - It crosses the Grand Canal to get to the Galleria dell Accademia, one of the top museums in Venice. 4) "Ponte degli Scalzi" - named for the nearby "Chiesa degli Scalzi" (Barefoot Monks' Church) - it links the Santa Croce and Cannaregio neighborhoods. 5) "Ponte della Constituzione" (Constitution Bridge) - It links the Santa Lucia Rail Station to Piazzale Roma, a bus depot, and car park. 6) "Ponte delle Guglie" - one of two bridges that span the Cannaregio Canal, near where it joins with the Grand Canal. 7) "Ponte della Liberta" (Freedom Bridge) - This bridge connects the mainland to the islands that make up Venice's city center. It used to be known as the "Ponte Littorio" and opened by Benito Mussolini in 1933. It was renamed after WW II to mark the liberation of Italy from Fascism.

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