There have been seven crowned queens of England/Britain.

Lady Jane Grey (1537 - 1554) was supported by the Protestant party to follow Edward VI, to try to prevent the Roman Catholic Mary from taking the throne. 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey, somewhat reluctantly but dutifully, agreed to become Queen of England and was crowned in 1553. On July 19, 1553, Jane’s nine-day reign ended.

Mary I (1516 - 1558) was a daughter of Henry VIII. Mary attempted to restore Roman Catholicism in England during her reign. The execution of Protestants as heretics earned her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary."

Elizabeth I (1533 - 1603) was also known as the Virgin Queen. Elizabeth I ruled at a key time in England's history and is one of the most-remembered British rulers.

Mary II (1662 - 1694) assumed the throne as co-ruler with her husband when it was feared that her father would restore Roman Catholicism. Mary II died childless in 1694 of smallpox, only 32 years old.

Queen Anne (1665 - 1714) succeeded to the throne when her brother-in-law William III died in 1702.

Victoria (1819 - 1901) was the longest-ruling monarch of Great Britain. She ruled during a time of economic and imperial expansion, and gave her name to the Victorian Era.

Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926) succeeded to the crown in 1952, with a formal and much-viewed televised coronation.

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