Wow!!! The normal adult will get 52 teeth in their lifetime. Yes, in the picture, we see the current numbering of the first set of teeth (our baby teeth) as a Dentist would number them. Children's Teeth: In the original system, children's 20 primary teeth are numbered in the same order (from 1 to 20), except that a small letter "d" follows each number to indicate deciduous (primary) teeth.

However, most dentists today use a modified version of the Universal Numbering System for children, with letters instead of tooth numbers. The primary teeth are designated by upper case letters A through T, with A being the patient's upper right second primary molar and T being the lower right second primary molar.

So you see, with our first set of teeth, we get 20 and when all of our permanent teeth come in, we get 32 more in that set. So the total number of teeth we get in our lifetime is 52. Do you think that's a lot?

That might be interesting: some sharks have over 50 THOUSAND teeth in a lifetime! The thing is that, unlike us, sharks constantly produce new teeth and loose their old ones.