Rosanna Dalla Corte has said that she has no regrets about having her baby, Riccardo, at 62 years old. When Rosanna Della Corte gave birth late in life, it sparked calls in Italy for banning in-vitro fertilization in women over age 51.

Rosanna gave birth to Riccardo when she was 62, the oldest person on record at that time to have a baby. "We don't talk about age in this house," Rosanna says. She has repeatedly stated that her son, Riccardo, sees her as his mother, that's all.

Previous excesses in Italy's liberal approach to fertility treatment were epitomised by Della Corte. Now, new Italian laws make treatment options among the most restrictive in Europe. Only couples of child-bearing age can have in-vitro treatment using their own eggs and sperm. Freezing embryos for future use is forbidden.

Riccardo's birth in 1994 prompted outrage, and led to the tightening of the law. But critics say it is now too far the other way and many childless Italian women are denied the help they need. Shouldn't cases be decided on a case by case basis?

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