Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) in the 2011 movie "Limitless" says the words, "I was blind, but now I see." “Limitless” is a Hollywood exploration film by Neil Burger. It is one where the idea of people only using a very small percentage of their brain is astutely highlighted.

Eddie Morra chances upon a miracle drug (NZT). This is through his ex-wife’s brother. He embarks on a manic journey to turn his life around, from a broke, unemployed, single writer to a rising, genius, multi-millionaire.

There are drawbacks. NZT causes Morra to have blackout-like experiences, where he is constantly active with no sense of time. It also causes migraines, inability to concentrate, and eventually, death. Morra’s girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) takes the drug on one occasion. She says that “it changes you”, that it makes you into a different person. This is very obvious to Morra.

Lindy breaks up with Eddie because of his addiction to NZT. She doesn't like the drug and refuses to use it. There is however a Russian gangster, a powerful businessman, and many others who like taking NZT. (In an interesting aside, one of the other people to quit NZT is Melissa, Cooper’s ex-wife. The only people who seem to give up NZT are women; the ones who fight and kill for it are all men.)

By the end, things seem to have spun out of control. A certain guy wants to control Morra’s life. It is Morra however who is in control; he has the most balance on everything in his life and future. He sees all!

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