The hippocampus is a creature that belongs to many mythologies, but its name has a Greek origin. The hippocampus is commonly depicted as a creature with a horse body from knee up but has fins and a tail. It was made by Poseidon and is well known for giving rides to heroes.

It has been drawn on many ruins and on many stone tablets. The first place that was seen was in Aquae Sulis. Many people describe it as a horse on Poseidon's chariot, but some say otherwise. In Irish mythology, hippocampi are also known as kelpies, which have a much different nature.

Kelpies, the Irish version, are known also as sea devils. They are brute and have such an aggressive nature that they may drown you on sight. The reason for this is because they were supposedly made to keep children out of perilous areas of water. Though that's just an assumption and only one of the many legends that we have about this mysterious creature.

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