Everything about a Cecil B. DeMille work was usually BIG. “The Ten Commandments” -- DeMille's most successful work – followed that pattern exactly. Filmed on location in Egypt, Mount Sinai and the Sinai Peninsula, it had four screenwriters, three art directors, five costume designers, one of the largest exterior sets ever created and was, naturally, the most expensive film ever made (as of 1956). It also, of course, had the rising mega-star Charlton Heston (see the accompanying photograph) as the central character, Moses.

But what about the baby in the bulrushes?

Enter the three-month-old Fraser Heston, son of the rising mega-star and cast by Cecil B. DeMille while he (Fraser) was still in the womb. Fraser Clarke Heston was born on 12 February 1955 in Los Angeles, California and is an American film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor. His filmography includes “The Crucifer of Blood” (1991), “City Slickers (1991), “Needful Things” (1993), “Alaska” (1996) and the 1990 version of “Treasure Island” which cast his father as Long John Silver.

Fraser Heston’s mother was Lydia Clarke (an actress and photographer) and he has a sister, Holly Rochell Heston.

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