In the 1960s British TV show "The Saint", the car driven by Simon Templar is a Volvo P1800. An eggshell white Volvo P1800 (with licence plate ST1) was driven by Templar, played by Roger Moore. This car was featured in the TV series beginning in 1962. It played a prominent role throughout the entire run of the TV show (1962 – 1969). Roger Moore was so smitten with the Volvo that he bought one for his own personal use.

According to Volvo Cars, the manufacture and marketing promoter of the Volvo P1800, the car is a 2+2, front-engine, rear-drive sports car. Between 1961 and 1973, the company originally provided a coupe (1961–1972). It was finally altered into a shooting-brake for the duration of its production (1972–1973).

Company executives said the P1800 was designed by a Swede working for the Italian design house Frua, then produced in the UK by the British company named Jensen. It was believed that the car combined the best design and manufacturing elements of the time. The P1800 (2+2 coupe) featured a long, rectangular front nose, hemmed by two small, round headlights set far apart on either side, and a swooping flourish ran along the side body, set high from each headlight and running back toward the rear of the car. It had a concave, oblong grille which is still much the same as the one you see in the modern S90 and V90 cars. Two small rear fins were on the the back.

The car debuted to general success; major global acclaim came in 1962 when the car appeared on TV.

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