Quick Draw McGraw is a fictional horse and the protagonist and title character of "The Quick Draw McGraw Show". He is a white horse, wearing a red cowboy hat, a red holster belt, and a light blue bandana. All 45 of his cartoons that originally aired between 1959 and 1961 were written by Michael Maltese. The cartoon was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1960.

Quick Draw's sidekick named Baba Looey was a fictional anthropomorphic Mexican burro.

He is the deputy and friend to Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw. Baba Looey speaks English with a Mexican accent. He was originally voiced by Daws Butler. A female version named Bobbie Louie appears in "Jellystone!" and is voiced by Jenny Lorenzo. He is currently voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

Baba Looey McGraw's sidekick, is often portrayed as the more thoughtful half of the duo. At times realizing some detail about a given situation, Baba Looey tries desperately to caution Quick Draw of a trap or other danger, before Quick Draw charges headlong into the fray without listening or giving consideration to his surroundings.

His identity of masked vigilante is El Kapoli, "champion of champions" as he declared. In the episode "Dizzy Desperado", he gets knocked in the head and switches to the criminal Little Cucaracha. Baba Looey, like Quick Draw, walks on two feet like a human.

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