In the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life", Clarence Odbody is the name of George Bailey's guardian angel. Clarence was born in May 1653 and is a fictional guardian angel in Frank Capra's movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Here he is portrayed by Henry Travers, and in the 1990 sequel, "Clarence", he is played by Robert Carradine.

On Christmas Eve, 1945, George Bailey, an embattled businessman in the town of Bedford Falls is facing financial ruin and disgrace. He is thinking about suicide by jumping off a bridge into an icy river. Two celestial beings observe him. They decide to send an angel to save George. The only angel available is Clarence Odbody, an AS2 (Angel Second Class), who after 200 years has yet to win his wings. Sent to Earth, Clarence finds George standing on a bridge about to leap into the river. Before George can jump, Clarence jumps in the water, which prompts George to dive in to rescue him.

Clarence introduces himself as they are drying out in the tollhouse keeper's shack. George expresses a wish that he had never been born, and Clarence grants his wish. He shows George a world without him. George discovers that his war-hero brother, Harry, had drowned in a frozen lake as a child, as George was not there to save him. He finds his wife Mary unmarried and childless and then sees that the town and its businesses have turned to a raucous lifestyle. George has a change of heart and regrets his hasty wish. George appreciates his life and Clarence wins his wings.

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