In the 1990 film "The Witches", a young boy stumbles upon a witch convention, and he is turned into a mouse. The young boy is named Luke Eveshim.

While staying at a hotel in England with his grandmother, Helga Eveshim (Mai Zetterling), Luke (Jasen Fisher) inadvertently spies on a convention of witches. The Grand High Witch (Anjelica Huston) has revealed a plan to turn all the local children into mice. She shall use a magical formula. When the witches find that Luke has overheard, the witches test the formula on him. Now, with the help of Helga and the hotel manager, Mr. Stringer (Rowan Atkinson), Luke as a mouse must fight back against the witches. He must stop them!

"The Witches" is a fantasy comedy which has been directed by Nicolas Roeg. It is based on the 1983 children's novel, 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl. In the original novel, the story features evil witches who want to kill children. A boy and his grandmother must find a way to foil and destroy them.

The 1990 film was produced by Jim Henson Productions for Lorimar Film Entertainment; it was distributed by Warner Bros. (WB). This film was well-received by critics, but it did not make a big profit at the box office.

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