In the US TV series "The Paper Chase" (CBS, 1978—1979; Showtime, 1983—1986), Professor Charles Kingsfield teaches first year law students contract law. The series is an American drama TV series that is based on a 1970 novel by John Jay Osborn Jr. A 1973 film adaptation with the same name was also released.

During the series, it follows the lives of law student James T. Hart and his classmates at an unnamed law school, modeled on Harvard Law School. The show presents education in general and the study of law in particular as noble pursuits. The students for whom one can develop an interest are the best and the brightest, and in Professor Kingsfield's class on contract law, he is an illustrious example of how a great teacher can be responsible for shaping the future of someone else.

James Stephens anchors the series as Hart, an idealistic first-year law student. He learns to appreciate the intimidating Kingsfield (John Houseman), his role model and inspiration. To help Hart, his study-group classmates include third generation lawyer Ford (Tom Fitzsimmons), genius Anderson (Robert Ginty), activist Logan (Francine Tacker), newly-married Brooks (Jonathan Sagall), and slob Bell (James Keane).

This series got prestige treatment. James Brooks, who directed the feature film, developed the series for TV. Osborn wrote several of the episodes, and its intensity and intelligence got it a great deal of critical praise in 1978, garnering the Emmy for Outstanding New Series.

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