As everybody knows, the climate of Portugal is supposed to be Mediterranean – mostly due to the specifics of its location in the neighborhood of the Atlantic Ocean.

However, the ocean tends to keep the temperature of this region a bit lower than it should be.

Portuguese lands are famous for their fascinating sunny days. It justly got the title of the sunniest European country for the amount of shiny days per year!

However, despite the mild Mediterranean climate of the area, Portuguese rains are sharp and cold. The rapid change of weather from sunshine to a heavy rain is a challenge for any creature. Moreover, Portuguese rain looks much of a tropical one so people become wet through instantly.

Probably that's why Portuguese people are allowed to miss their work while it's raining outside.

By the way, there is no law allowing people to stay home while it's raining. But at least people will certainly get no fee for arriving late at the office.

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