Upotipotpon (pronounced Yoo-potti-pot-pon), is a rural area in Victoria, Australia, 208 kilometres (129 mi) north-east of the state capital, Melbourne. The name may derive from the Aboriginal expression "pootong pootong", meaning "plenty of grass", and was used for a pastoral property taken up in 1841 between the Broken River and Stony Creek.

In 1911 the population was 240 and in 1933 it was 131. Today, a handful of families remain on farms scattered around the area and has a recorded population of 57 residents.

Upotipotpon is now a stronghold for woodland conservation in Victoria. The agricultural landscape of the area is changing, with olive and farm forestry plantations becoming prominent, as well as a number of properties being managed for conservation. It has well-treed roadsides and large patches of woodland vegetation, and a large number of woodland birds. The area has one of the few remaining large populations of grey-crowned babblers in the state (the other less important babblers are located in Parliament House, Canberra).

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