The Siege of Cuzco (May 6, 1536 – March 1537) was the siege of the city of Cuzco by the army of Sapa Inca Manco Inca Yupanqui against a garrison of Spanish conquistadors and Indian auxiliaries led by Hernando Pizarro in the hope to restore the Inca Empire (1438-1533). The siege lasted ten months, and was ultimately unsuccessful.

The siege started on May 6, 1536 with a full-scale attack towards the main square of the city; the Inca army succeeded in capturing most of the city while the Spaniards took refuge in two large buildings near the main plaza. After 10 months of vicious fighting in Cuzco Manco Inca decided to end the siege at Cuzco and withdraw. It is suggested by some that by this action he threw away his only real chance to rebuff the Spaniards from the lands of the Inca Empire, but it was probably the only realistic choice he had considering the arrival of Spanish reinforcements from Chile led by Diego de Almagro.

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