The 'Equinox Complex' is a range of eateries located in the Swissotel, 'The Stamford', the tallest hotel in Singapore.

Conceptualized and developed by the famous 'Raffles International', the 'Equinox Complex' was opened in November 2001 after 'Raffles International' took over management of the hotel, and replaced the 'Compass Rose' restaurant.

The theme at the 'Equinox Complex' is to 'attain perfection and harmony throughout the year'. The idea behind naming the complex 'Equinox' refers to the time when day and night are of equal lengths, a phenomenon which occurs on two days in a year.

The complex occupies four floors from levels 69 to 72 with about 3,700 square metres of space for five restaurants and bars, with private dining rooms. All five outlets can take in over 900 diners at any one time.

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