'Okonomiyaki' is a Japanese savory pancake dish consisting of wheat flour batter and other ingredients (mixed, or as toppings) cooked on a 'teppan' (flat griddle). Common additions include cabbage, meat, and seafood, and toppings include okonomiyaki sauce (made with Worcestershire sauce), 'aonori' (dried seaweed flakes), 'katsuobushi' (bonito flakes), Japanese mayonnaise, and pickled ginger.

'Okonomiyaki' is mainly associated with two distinct variants from Hiroshima or the Kansai region of Japan, but is widely available throughout the country, with toppings and batters varying by area. The name is derived from the word 'okonomi', meaning "how you like" or "what you like", and 'yaki', meaning "cooked". It is an example of 'konamono' ('konamon' in the Kansai dialect), or flour-based Japanese cuisine.

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