'Three Horses Beer' (better known locally as 'THB') is a pale lager that has been brewed by Star Breweries of Madagascar since 1958. It is the highest selling beer in Madagascar and has been described as emblematic of the country.

'THB' is sold nationwide and since 2005 has been exported to such markets as France, Reunion Island, Comoros and Mayotte.

The Malagasy beer is produced at two breweries in Madagascar, the first centrally located in Antsirabe and the other in the northern city of Antsiranana.

'THB Pilsener', the most common variant of 'THB', has a light taste and is produced from mostly local barley, corn and hops. Star Breweries also produces 'THB Fresh' (a shandy with less than 1% alcohol), 'THB Special' (6.2% alcohol), and 'THB Lite' (1% alcohol). Recent investments in Star Brewery infrastructure have allowed a 20% increase in production since 2011.

After advertising alcohol in the media was banned under former President Marc Ravalomanana, Star Breweries has increasingly promoted 'THB' through unconventional means. These have included sponsoring the 'THB Champions League', Madagascar's national football (soccer) championship, and holding annual beer festivals.

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