"Bild" is a German tabloid newspaper published by Axel Springer SE (publishing house in German). The paper is published from Monday to Saturday. "Bild" is tabloid in style but broadsheet in size. It is the best-selling European newspaper and has the sixteenth-largest circulation worldwide. "Bild" has been described as "notorious for its mix of gossip, inflammatory language, and sensationalism" and as having a huge influence on German politicians.

"Bild" was founded by Axel Springer in 1952. It mostly consisted of pictures (hence the name "Bild", German for picture). "Bild" soon became the best-selling tabloid, by a wide margin, not only in Germany, but in all of Europe, though essentially to German readers. Through most of its history, "Bild" was based in Hamburg. The paper moved its headquarters to Berlin in March 2008.

In June 2012, "Bild" celebrated its 60th anniversary by giving away free newspapers to almost all of Germany's 41 million households.

Its motto, prominently displayed below the logo, is "unabhängig, überparteilich" ("independent, nonpartisan"). Another slogan used prominently in advertising is "Bild dir deine Meinung!", which translates as "Form your own opinion!" (by reading Bild), a pun based on the fact that, in German, "Bild" is a homophone of the imperative form of the verb "bilden" (English: to form, to build, to educate) and the noun "Bild" (English: picture, image).

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