The Piano House was built in 2007 in Huainan City, China. It was designed by students from the Hefei University of Technology. As of 2019, the growing population now boasts over two million residents.

A century ago, Huainan was actually a small, rather unknown town in central China. The development began with the discovery of coal deposits early in the 20th century, but exploitation of the mines did not begin in earnest until the 1930's. The city's development was further advanced with the Japanese occupation during WWII.

The Piano House was designed for music lovers, but it also serves many other purposes. The unique complex depicts a transparent violin that rests on a translucent piano. There is an escalator in the violin, and an exhibition complex in the piano. The Piano House hosts many diverse events, from international conferences and exhibitions to local community events. It has become a popular wedding venue among the local residents.

The premises of the complex receive the greatest possible natural light because of its modern design and large, rear windows. At night, the body of the object disappears in the dark, leaving only the neon contours of the silhouettes of the giant visible musical instruments.

The Piano House has become a popular tourist place and many newlyweds traditionally have their photo taken in its front of the facade. The locals have dubbed it “the most romantic building in China”.

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