A 'Malappuram kathi' is a kind of dagger, originating from the Indian subcontinent, developed by few blacksmith families of Malappuram from Malabar region of Kerala in ancient times. The dagger is unique in its physical appearance and features, as it has a very light-weight handle made of deer antler. The blade is thicker on the top and very sharp and lines at the bottom. The blade continues to the handle and covers the handle in a small single strip. The dagger is 18–25 inches (46–64 cm) long.

Legend has it, that wounds sustained by 'Malappuram katthi' are difficult to heal and that infections will often develop following the initial wound, also prolonging the healing. Some say this is because of the metallic combination of the dagger and the unique craftsmanship involved and the know-how of which has been passed on from generations. Production of a 'Malappuram kathi' is restricted to only a few blacksmith families in Malappuram District of Kerala, India.

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