Sonny Liston (-?- 1930 - 30 Dec 1970) was knocked out by Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) (17 Jan 1942 - 3 Jun 2016) on 25 May 1965, which allowed Ali to keep the World Boxing Council title.

It was their second fight. Sonny Liston lost the first fight on 25 Feb 1964, thus, giving up the WBC heavyweight title to Muhammad Ali.

The second fight lasted less than one full round, with Ali knocking out Liston at the 1:44 mark. It was a shocking result, not only because Liston was favored in the match, but because hardly anybody saw the punch that took him down. Liston had thrown a jab with his left arm and, leaning forward, took a right hook from Ali right to the skull. He sunk to the canvas, and as he was down, Ali stood over him, taunting and demanding his stunned opponent get back up. The photo captures Ali’s exhortations, with all the fire and passion and dynamic physicality that made him such a phenomenon.

Liston did eventually rise from the mat, but soon after, the referee broke up the two boxers once again — the former champion had been down for more than 10 seconds, ending the fight.

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