Some look back fondly at the way airline travel was in the mid-20th century. It may seem romantic because the idea of getting on a jet and shooting across the ocean was a new, special experience. But there was more: early air travel was luxurious compared to modern air travel. There was plenty of head room; seats were more amply sized; in-flight meals were real meals. On the upper deck of Boeing’s iconic 747 airliner you would find a space that hailed from the age of the Orient Express. Couches, cocktails, and, on the early 747s live entertainment. Even on the lower deck, there were coach or economy lounges. Continental Airlines had a pub while American Airlines had a piano bar, located at the rear of the 747-100 cabin. The piano was in fact an electric Wurlitzer organ, but still... Here’s the "piano" in action (Fonzie is at the 15 second mark!)

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