Mbeju is a starch cake sometimes made with fariña or manioc flour. It is a staple typical of Paraguay. The recipe has existed since the 18th century and its origins lie with the indigenous Guaraní people that lived in the Guaraní-Jesuit Missions.

The mbejú is bound to the Guarani mythology to be one of the most ancient recipes of this culture. Traditionally, there were about 16 ways to prepare it, although nowadays, 11 are recognized.

Traditional mbejú require starch, corn flour, pork fat, thin salt, fresh cheese and milk. The variety called "mbejú avevo" ("inflated cake") uses the same ingredients but with the pork fat, the eggs and the cheese in larger quantities

Next to the chipá and the sopa paraguaya it is part of the so-called "tyra", a Guarani term for food consumed to accompany the "cocido paraguayo", milk or coffee, or simply an addition to other dishes.

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