"Take Me Out" is a dating game show presented by comedian, Paddy McGuinness. Based on the Australian show "Taken Out", it began airing in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland on 2 January 2010. An unscreened pilot episode was made for Channel 4 in 2009, but it was Independent Television ITV who picked it up for a series. The show is produced by Thames (formerly Talkback Thames).

Comedic value is mostly provided by McGuinness's array of catchphrases such as "Let the (object) see the (object)", "No likey, no lighty!", "If you're turned off, turn off", "If he's not Mr Right, turn off your light", "Get out there, turn one girl off and take one girl out!", "Come and get some Paddy love!", "The isle of...FERNANDO'S!".

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