Victoria 'Vicky' Pollard is a popular character from the TV and radio series of "Little Britain". She is a moody, obnoxious teenage girl seemingly incapable of doing much but gossip in a strong Bristol accent. She is a representation of teenagers and chavs.

When Vicky is in a sticky situation, e.g. her being in serious trouble, Vicky will usually reply defensively with one of her several catchphrases including "Yeah but, no but...","Oooh my god! I soooo can't believe you just said that!", "Shut up! I ain't never not even dun nuffin' or nuffin'!" and "Don't go givin' me evils!"

She will defend herself by going off on a long rant in which she relates gossip about people who have nothing to do with the situation she is in, (and it's usually very naughty gossip) although she claims to be "getting there." She also speaks unusually quickly, which, together with the gossip she comes up with, will confuse and often annoy the person she is confronted by. If Vicky is interrupted whilst talking, she will usually say "So rude!", followed by a tut.

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