On the U.S. TV show "Benson" (1979 - 1986), Dubois is the last name of the character played by Robert Guillaume. Benson DuBois is hired to be the head of household affairs for widowed Governor Eugene X. Gatling (James Noble) and his daughter Katie (Missy Gold). Governor Gatling also has a cousin, Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond); she often finds reasons to deal with Benson. She was his previous employer.

Working as a butler, Benson DuBois is the smartest (and possibly only sane) member of widowed Gov. Eugene Gatling's household staff. Benson is a guy who always manages to keep his head, no matter what the staffers or the governor's family members throw at him. He begins his post on loan from Jessica Tate. It doesn't take much time for Benson to win a permanent place in the governor's staff and heart. His cool head and keen intellect are a perfect complement for the constant craziness that surrounds Governor Gatling and his entourage.

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