Jacqueline Roque (24 February 1927- 15 October1986) was best known as the second wife of Pablo Picasso. Their marriage lasted 11 years until Picasso's death, during which time Picasso created over 400 portraits of Jacqueline, more than any of Picasso's other loves.

Jacqueline divorced her former husband Andre Hatin while she had a daughter, Catherine Hatin-Blay. Pablo Picasso met Jacqueline in 1953 and they married in Vallauris on 2 March 1961.

Roque's image began to appear in Picasso's paintings which were somehow distortions of Roque's features. It is likely that Picasso's series of paintings derived from Eugene Delacroix's 'The Women of Algiers' was inspired by Roque's beauty. In 1955 he drew Jacqueline with a reference to Edovard Manet's painting of the Spanish dancer. In 1963 he painted her, in increasingly abstracted forms, until 1972.

Pablo Picasso died on 8 April 1973. Jacqueline killed herself by gunshot in 1986 when she was 59 years olds.

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