The magnificent Giulietta Masina (Fellini's wife) plays an eternally optimistic Rome streetwalker with a heart of gold and a head of cotton candy in her husband's Oscar-winning masterpiece. This funny, poignant 1957 classic titled "Nights of Cabiria" inspired the musical "Sweet Charity" and is a film that must-see Fellini fans have flocked to theaters to see.

"Nights of Cabiria" is an Italian drama film which Federico Fellini directed and had released in May 1957. Besides starring Giulietta Masina, it featured François Périer as Oscar D'Onofrio, Amedeo Nazzari as Alberto Lazzari, Franca Marzi as Wanda, Dorian Gray as Jessy, Franco Fabrizi as Giorgio, Aldo Silvani as The Wizard, and Ennio Girolami as Amleto the Pimp. The screenplay was based on a story by Fellini, focusing on a prostitute in Rome who searches in vain for true love.

The film was produced by Dino De Laurentiis and distributed by Paramount Pictures (Italy), Les Films Marceau (France), and Lopert Pictures Corporation (US). Besides the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for Giulietta Massina, "Nights of Cabiria" won the 1957 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was reported, after six months from the US release, that 97% of film critics gave the film a positive review, based in part on at least 388 fan reviews.

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