The short orange marker at each of the end zone four corners is a pylon. The pylons visibly mark the area where end zones are located on a standard football field. The four bright orange football pylons keep the corners of the field easy to spot from a distance, and they have a weighted bottom to hold them securely in place. All the line and end zone markers are made from a tough vinyl-nylon blend material. They also have a soft poly foam core to help prevent personal injuries.

In the game of football, touching the pylon with the football is fair and counts as a touchdown (score). However, the ball must always cross the plane of the pylon. If only the player's body crosses the plane of the pylon or touches the pylon, a touchdown is not allowed/recorded. The pylons are used by the officials in the National Football League (NFL) in professional games to be able to see if a player truly breaks the goal line with the ball.

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