October 12th 1944:

During World War II, First Lieutenant Charles Elwood Yeager, U.S. Army Air Force was leading a bomber escort mission to attack Bremen, Germany. While the Group’s 362nd and 364th Fighter Squadrons remained with the B-24 bombers, Yeager patrolled 50 to 100 miles ahead.

At 25,000 feet Yeager sighted a group of 22 Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters. Yeager and his squadron of 16 Mustangs circled and attacked out of the sun. Chuck Yeager maneuvered his P-51D Mustang to fire at a trailing Bf 109, the German fighter suddenly turned left and collided with his wingman. Both pilots bailed out of their fighters and the two Bf 109s went down.

Chuck Yeager

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