This noticeable bronze monument serves as a symbol of the capital of the USA. A dainty female figure enrobed into a light flowing dress and armor looks like a virgin ambassador of the heaven's guard. The heavy helmet covers her long wind-blown mane.

Created to be a decoration of the Capitol, it seems like this woman plays a leading role in the whole architectural ensemble. The grace of the female embodies the spirit of the American nation while her harness reminds us of the American bravery and loyalty. Standing in the "head" of the country, the monument fulfils its obligation of an inspiring feature of Washington D.C. The statue was elaborately thought through and brought to life. But before coming to its current shape, the project of the figure was changed for 3 times! The first version looked even more charming than its after-reincarnations. The final one looked more of a warrior and was far more symbolic of the nation's heroism and freedom.

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