Matching the green and gold colours of the South African national rugby team, the Springboks - which is named after the national animal; the Springbok - or Springbokkie for little Springbok - cocktail shot contains one part peppermint liqueur (or Créme de Menthe) in a shot glass, carefully topped with one (or up to three) part(s) of Amarula liqueur.

Amarula liqueur is a creamy, caramelly tasting liqueur made from the South African native marula fruit and is also believed to be the best selling cream liqueur world-wide (Bailey's Irish cream is the 2nd best seller).

The marula fruit has a long history: The illicit distilling of "mampoer" (moonshine) from fruit such as marulas and peaches was a big deal in South Africa’s Groot Mariko district in the late 19th century. The result was highly amusing anecdotes of close encounters with the law, retold around camp fires and even recorded by South African author Herman Charles Bosman.

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